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2016 Presidential election

| October 29, 2015

On this final paper, you will be researching candidates from both parties in the 2016 Presidential election.  You will choose from the following Republican candidates:  Jeb Bush, Ben Carson, or Donald Trump.  From the Democratic candidates, you may choose between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.  After you have chosen one Republican and one Democratic candidate for president, based on credible, reliable, unbiased sources you will then answer the following questions about your presidential candidates.  What do the two candidates believe about the following issues, and what specific policies do they propose to deal with these issues: wealth inequality in America (taxes, subsidies, the minimum wage, etc), education, health care, climate change, and immigration reform.  You will compare and contrast the results of your research and then will evaluate the ideas of each candidate.  In your conclusion, you will then recommend (a call to action) one of the candidates as the best choice to be our next president.  You will be required to include at least 15 separate credible, reliable, and unbiased sources in your paper.  Your paper should be at least six pages long with no repetition.  A working schedule will be provided on Blackboard later this week.

Category: American History

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