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| October 27, 2015

Critcally evaluate one of the following books:

•Damasio, A. (1994). Descartes’ Error. New York: Putnam’s Sons.
•Damasio, A. (2000). The feeling of what happens. London: Vintage.
•Dennett, D.C. (1991). Consciousness Explained. London: Penguin Books.
•Edelman, G.M., & Tonini, G. (2000). A universe of consciousness. New York: Basic Books.
•Frith, C. (2007). Making up the Mind: How the Brain Creates our Mental World. Oxford: Blackwell Publishing.
•Humphrey, N (2006). Seeing red: A study in consciousness. Harvard: Belknap Harvard.
•LeDoux, J. (2002). The synaptic Self. New York: Penguin.
•Pinker, S. (2002). The Blank Slate. London: Penguin Press.
•Searle, J.R. (2004). Mind: A brief introduction. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
•Tomasello, M. (1999). The cultural origins of human cognition. Harvard University Press.

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