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Are mobile technologies killing our planet?

| October 26, 2015

SECTION ONE: Introduction
• Introduction to the overall topic.
• Explain why that topic is relevant for the business in the digital world and provide relevant examples that set the context for your research question.
• Finish this section by clearly stating your research question.

SECTION TWO: Literature review
• Provide all the key concepts in detail. Core definitions and relationships between the concepts should fully explained and discuss in this section.
• Reflect a critical analysis of current literature demonstrating a comprehensive understanding of the topic from a wide range of relevant sources from industry and academic sources.
• Each point made has to be explained and supported by evidence/examples from your sources of information
• The research should include at least 15 references and 2 of them should be ACADEMIC JOURNALS.

SECTION THREE: Organisational impact
This section will vary depending on your research question. The important aspect is to include your personal view drawn from the literature review developed in the previous section. The following suggestions may apply to your research but if it is not the case contact me to clarify.
• Discuss some of the problems you can envisage in terms of using the selected technology in terms of organisational, IT infrastructure, security, and ethical issues.
• Analyse how that technology will help across different functional areas emphasising its role at operational, tactical and strategic levels.
• Analyse potential business opportunities and threats for the organisation.

SECTION FOUR: Conclusions
• Summary of key findings
• Highlight the key potential business opportunities and threats for the organisation
• If possible recommendations for organisations that plan to implement the selected technology



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