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Assess the role Toll-like receptors in innate immunity (2000 words +/- 10%)

| October 27, 2015

Project description
For this essay you will be expected to write in a scientific style, and use journal references and the journals used MUST be academic peer reviewed and please note , this easy MUST not include website .
MAKE sure you include a reference list).
Make sure all journals used can be easily access.
Make sure all credit is given to the right author.
Citations and reference list should be in the Harvard Style.
The essay should be written in the third person past tense.
You must use Verdana 11.
You must use diagrams to back up your explanation
You must discus the immunological aspect of the title.

The essay should cover the many aspects of the role of TLRs in innate immunity, and must cover various strategies employed for host defense.

The essay must consist of :, INTRODUCTION: (a section to set out the general aspects of regulation of the innate immune system)
MAIN BODY, divide the main body into 4 sections with headings, discuss all the four sections, including their pathways and their mechanisms , you MUST discuss one of the four sections in depth , and you must indicate in the introduction section which of the 4 section you are going to discuss in depth and at length.
You must cover all the aspect you think is interesting and relevant.

Finally, CONCLUSION which is the summary of what you have discussed.

Category: health sciences

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