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| October 26, 2015

Gathering Sources: Bibliography: Go to the Library
A bibliography is a list of your sources. Gather at least five sources that relate to your topic. At least one of these resources should be a primary source. Please indicate which of your resource if the primary source in your bibliography. You may include more than one primary source. For your remaining resources, look for academic books found in the library including biographies, journal articles, and or / or educational video recordings. At least two of your sources need to be books. When it comes to internet resources, you need to use discretion. Universities, reputable Art Museums, and most websites ending with an “.org” suffix tend to be reputable. Look at the Internet History Sourcebook at Fordam University. On-line encyclopedias such as Wikipedia or Britannica are not valid or credible sources for this research assignment. Do not rely on the internet as the basis of your resources. Go to the library. Your textbook does not count a source. The Bibliography needs to be only one to two pages long. Annotations are not required.


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