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Capital Planning Evaluation techniques

| October 30, 2015

Choose any one of these topics, provide an example, say from a website in summary form; then post a question regarding the topic and a link to the web article.


Cost of Debt


Measuring Risk


Systematic vs. Unsystematic Risk


Risk and the WACC 


Principles of Risk Management


Appraisal and Risk Management


Long Lived Assets and Capacity Evaluation




  • Must complete two seperate 300 min. papers
  •  Each Paper must contain summary of article chosen, along with link to website article, and question regarding the topic.
  • MUST MEET deadline
  • I am looking for a completed paper on time with low similarity score, not a refunded downpayment becuase the paper is unfinished or has been plagiaized.  
  • Please read instructions of assigment before agreeing to do it

Category: Finance

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