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Financial Analysis and Management

| October 27, 2015

Financial Analysis and Management
Unit Code: 5R7Z0068_1516 Core: MBA Level: 7
Assignment Title: Assignment Coursework Sit/Resit – 100%
Unit Leader: Michael Flanagan
Contact Details: x 3813
Submission Date: 23/11/2015 Feedback Return Date: 21/12/2015
Submission Instructions: Via Turntin
Feedback Return Information:
Assignment Task
Using terms, concepts and models learned throughout the Accounting and Finance for Managers course:

[1] Critically consider and evaluate the role and value of organisational performance assessment in an international sustainable context. (15%)

[2] Incorporating available information, investigate a significant aspect of the recent performance (e.g. investment, management or financial) of an organisation of your choice – private or public sector, profit seeking or not-for-profit and clearly state and justify (from your chosen evaluation standpoint eg. shareholder, analyst, employee or manager) the likely consequences of its assessed performance on your future actions. (85%)


(a) Each student must select a different organisation and prepare a one page research proposal saying which organisation and what terms, concepts or models you intend to research and apply by 24thOctoberat the latest.I will maintain a ‘control’ list and return the proposal with comments within 5 days.

(b) You are expected to prepare a 2500 word written report to be handed-in by Monday 23rd November via Turnitin. The report should be word processed in Times New Roman 12 font and in double-spaced format. Relevant back-up data should be contained in an Appendix section which should not exceed 10 pages.

(c) You are reminded of the MMU policy with regard to plagiarism whereby a representative samples of the assignments will be assessed using the “Turnitin” system.

(d) This is an academic report and you should use the Harvard referencing system as described in the accompanying file on Moodle.

Unit Learning Outcomes Assessed.
LO1. Demonstrate (using relevant conceptual frameworks and theoretical
models) a critical awareness of how financial information is obtained,
presented and used, especially for decision-making, performance
measurement and control purposes in a strategic management
LO2. Demonstrate a critical awareness of the impact of the financial
management function and the financial information generated in
respect of the value performance of the firm.
LO3. Critically evaluate current research and advanced scholarship in
aspects of finance and accounting, particularly including globalisation
and sustainability.

Early Career/ World Class Professional Skills (PLOs being assessed or developed)/Assessed.

Group Work Guidelines (If applicable)
Unit Specification
See Moodle
Assessment Marking Criteria (Include Programme learning Outcomes Assessment Criteria as necessary)
Financial Analysis and Management

Course Assignment – November 2015


Criteria Poor Satis. Good V. Good Exc. Mark Mark

1) Critical Review of Organisational Performance Assessment

a/ Presentation/Purpose √ √ √ √ √ 5

b/ Content/Knowledge √ √ √ √ √ 5

c/ Methodology √ √ √ √ √ 5

2) Applied Organisational Performance Evaluation

a/ Presentation/Purpose √ √ √ √ √ 20

b/ Content/Knowledge √ √ √ √ √ 20

c/ Methodology √ √ √ √ √ 20

3) Overall Cognitive/Skills √ √ √ √ √ 25
Total 100
Engaging appearance
Clear structure
Appropriately expressed and presented
Effective utilisation of relevant diagrams and charts
Assignment requirements fully recognised and addressed
Knowledge of key associated topics demonstrated
Relevant theory and literature utilised
Possible limitations and boundaries appreciated
Appropriate techniques applied within set context
Incorporation of critical analysis
Theoretical concepts synthesised with potential applications
Well grounded conclusions
Evidence of relevant secondary and, where generated, primary research
Effective debate and discussion
Rationale for ‘conclusions’ explained

Marks awarded as follows:
 70%+ very high standard with minor omissions only
 60-69% high standard but with a few noteworthy omissions
 50-59% reasonable standard with a number of noteworthy omissions
 40-49% poor standard with many significant omissions
 <40% very poor standard with many significant omissions
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