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Hills like white elephants

| October 29, 2015

Turn in a 100-150 word paragraph in which you identify and define the crritical approach you intend to take with the story – all of which are discussed in our text. Select from the following list one approach: Formalist, Biographical, Psychoanalytical, Historical, Cultural, Gender. The material in our text will help you to make your selection and to write the paragraph – quoting from the text where necessary. Hint: Without announcing it, I have actually used all six approaches with each story we have discussed in class so far, and so if you peruse your class notes you should find evidence of these approaches with each story, starting with “The Rocking-Horse Winner.”
Our story names was “The Rocking-Horse Winner.”,”Hills like white elephants” “young goodman brown””the necklace””araby””the story of an hour””cathedral””heart of darkness” and “that evening sun”
So please pick one of the story above, and our text book name is “the story and its writer”(9th edition)

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